Marketing to LinkedIn, Flickr, and Periscope Users

Out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the platform that is the most corporate and career focused. This provides opportunities for companies to recruit employees, and opportunities for users looking for jobs to network with other people in their field. Lee Odden from Top Rank Marketing gives some good advice on how to put your best foot forward when marketing to LinkedIn users.

Sell yourself. Because of the nature of the platform, LinkedIn is where you will be scrutinized more than any other platform. Use your personal profile to confidently but accurately display what you have to offer to onlookers. Get to know the in’s and out’s of the platform and make sure all your bases are covered. It may be a good idea to pay someone to audit your page and give feedback on what you can improve.

Optimize your reputation. Outfit your page to the career you’re pursuing. Emphasize your depth of your knowledge about your specialty over the breadth of who you are as a person. If you’re in Sales, set up your profile for the Buyer versus the Recruiter.

Optimize LinkedIn for the lead generation. LinkedIn is better for networking than Facebook or Twitter because of all the excessive posting that is more personal in nature rather than professional. Create content for your business and then display it on your LinkedIn page. Keep it updated regularly. Engage directly and often. Post and respond to comments. The amount of trolls are significantly lower on LinkedIn than other platforms, so interacting with others can be more productive than you might be expecting.

Inbound marketing on LinkedIn. The key to successful selling on LinkedIn is moving from people “knowing” you to “liking and trusting” you and your business. Be present on LinkedIn and your name will grow. Most importantly, be useful, be unique, and be yourself.

Social selling with LinkedIn. LinkedIn works best when your entire company is involved. If you run a business with any staff at all, get them active on the platform.

There are many other things that LinkedIn has to offer to users or businesses if they are willing to pay for them, but thinking through and applying the tips to your social strategy for LinkedIn will do a lot to make you and your business more marketable to the medium.


Using Flickr to augment the marketing for your small business is one of the more underutilized, but useful ways to help grow your brand. Lisa Barone of Small Business Trends gives four ways to use Flickr to your advantage.

Earn additional rankings for targeted terms. Using traditional SEO can be a congested way of making your brand more visible, but pairing that approach with image optimization can give you a way to boost your ranking. By taking pictures of things related to your niche and then being persistent about optimizing associated titles, descriptions, photo sets and tags, you can help your image to appear in the Google Search results for the associated terms.

Drive traffic to your website. Always put a link to your website in photo descriptions. The way Flickr is set up won’t allow you to reap the benefits that some other sites do, but it will give viewers a path to your center of operations.

Build photo testimonials. Whatever your website does, you can find a way to get readers or customers to take pictures of your product or to pick one of their favorite quotes for something you’ve written and make an image with it. Solicit your consumers to send you these pictures and them post them to on Flickr and to tag your business in it. This makes your user base more engaged. Search for your business on Flickr and if anyone has tagged you in anything, email them to thank them and ask if you can use it to share on your other socials.

Find content for your site. Use the All Creative Commons filter to find images for your content rather than paying exorbitantly for stock images. This is how I get the majority of my images for blogs. If you tell the owner how you used the image and they might even share what you did themselves.

These are excellent ways to use Flickr to improve your brand. Utilize these tips to give you more options for your marketing.

Periscope is a great tool that your small business can use for many things. One thing that is important to remember is that your scopes only last 24 hours. You must click autosave broadcasts to keep your scope in your gallery. Lynn Bardowski, writing as Million Dollar Party Girl, gives five ways you can use Periscope for your business.

Product Reveal. Make a product reveal video to build up hype for an upcoming product. If it is close to the release date, you can do an unboxing video. Ask your customers to comment what they think about it and to ask questions for you to answer.  Your audience can also tap on the screen to share their love, with a show of colored hearts, so you can know what people think at a glance.

Series Launch. If you are a writer or blogger, you can announce a new series that you will be writing. You can give information about what is coming so viewers can be excited and spread the word about what is to come.

Opportunity Scope. Make a video about a community project or campaign to tell about what all is coming up for it and then give a call to action at the end by telling the ways viewers can get involved and ask for donations.

Training. You can use Periscope to train people how to do all sorts of things, even by showing your computer screen. You can limit the viewership to a few people if you set it up in that way.

Live Events. Periscope can be used at concerts, birthday parties, and many other places to show others what they’re missing. If you’re doing a sales party, you can do a giveaway over Periscope as well.

Periscope has a lot of versatility in what you can do with it. I hope these tips are helpful to you as you explore what all Periscope can do.


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